About the Girl

tlgren        Growing up in a small town in rural Wisconsin, Karina Kern has always wanted to spread passion and happiness through her music. Whether it be playing her ukulele at local coffee shops or helping to get more people involved in the community at nature centers, she knows one thing; she wants to make a difference.
Karina has been in the St. Paul/Minneapolis music scene since 2013. Formally a member of The Lotus Goodnight, an indie acoustic band, Karina had a slow start in her music career while working and still going to school at St. Cloud State University.In 2016, when Karina’s mom passed, she knew it was time to make her dream a reality. Her mom, Terri, was her biggest fan and had always told Karina this music dream was worth chasing. Watching her mom struggle with health issues, she wrote her first solo single ‘The Ground’. Terri was able to hear the song, but it was far too late for her to take the advice Karina was trying to give.Since ‘The Ground’ was released in 2016, Karina released another single ‘Country Girl City’ in March of 2017 telling the story about her move to Chicago. Big city living was fun (for a few months) but not being able to fish, hike, or spend time in the woods, Karina moved back up to the lovely state of Minnesota where she currently resides.

Karina’s first solo EP is now available through most music distributors (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, etc.) and is also available on the ‘Buy Music’ tab on this website!

The best way to help Karina on her music journey is to keep sharing her music, coming out to her shows and watch as she begins to grow on this journey. Keep up to date on her live performances around the Twin Cities by clicking the ‘calendar’ tab on the left.